Precautions. There are some things we have to tell you. Please follow these safety precautions to reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage from fumes, burns, or fire.

  1. A slight spark may occur at the Ceramic Tip during soldering. Will this damage your electronic parts? We don’t think so, but please use caution, and definitely do not operate the Soldering Pen near flammable or explosive fumes, liquids, or other materials. Kaboom = totally bad.
  2. Do not touch the Ceramic Tip during active operation (indicated by the red light). Make sure that the tip is cool before touching or replacing the cap. Allow sufficient time for the tip to cool before touching it. Under most circumstances, the tip will cool to the touch very quickly. However, after prolonged use (such as after applying solder to several joints or applying solder to a work piece for a long time) the tip may take longer to cool down.
  3. Do not leave the Ceramic Tip on the work piece for more than a few seconds at a time. Excess smoke may indicate that the flux in the solder is melting, which is a sign that the tip temperature is too high.
  4. When soldering electronic components with small pin-outs, it’s easy to unintentionally bridge two or more different pins with the opposite halves of the Ceramic Tip. Not good! Doing so will cause a current discharge into the component and may damage it.
  5. Be sure that the Ceramic Tip is free of debris when not in use. The tip may inadvertently become hot or remain hot if a piece of metallic debris is lodged in the gap between the Ceramic Tip electrodes. If debris is lodged in the tip, shut the unit off and use a thin non-conductive material (such as a toothpick) to wedge the debris out of the tip.
  6. Turn the soldering tool OFF when not in use. The tool may inadvertently create heat if it is left in the ON position and conductive material becomes lodged between the Ceramic Tip electrodes. Also, extended use of the white light will diminish battery life.
  7. Do not store the tool in high-temperature environments, as this can damage the batteries and electrical parts.
  8. Do not attempt to repair the ColdHeat Cordless Soldering Pen. This could damage the tool and will invalidate the warranty.
  9. Keep out of the reach of children.
Warning: This product, when used for soldering and similar applications, produces chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects (or other reproductive harm). (CA Health and Safety Code 254249.5 et seq.) Flux fumes from soldering and de-soldering can be harmful, especially when using lead-based solder. Please use with proper ventilation, use caution, common sense, and become educated about the soldering process.