The Concept
The Concept

Welcome! Thank you for checking out the ColdHeat Soldering Pen. The tool’s patented technology creates the heat you need to solder within seconds, and its cordless design lets you operate it anywhere for light-duty soldering projects. Plus (you’ll see): it makes soldering fun again!

The patented Ceramic Tip has unique material properties that allow it to create substantial amounts of heat when very little electricity is passed through it. The tip is designed as two ceramic electrodes that form part of an internal electrical circuit but are electrically insulated from each other. When the tip’s two electrodes make simultaneous contact with whatever you are soldering, this circuit is completed and the ceramic electrodes generate instantaneous heat at the point of contact, helping you make a soldering joint super-fast. This also reduces the heat dissipated and thus the energy required. The ColdHeat Ceramic Tip utilizes 98% and loses only 2% of the generated heat, which is 20 times more efficient than the typical soldering tool!

The ColdHeat concept creates a lot of heat from little energy, but it is not trying to break the rules of physics; it makes just enough heat in just the right place to get the job done. This is not high technology - it’s good technology.

We would like to thank our childhood physics teachers for their dedication to their craft and remind children to stay in school and learn their science, because it’s good stuff.

No, really.

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